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Seaside Automotive
(08) 8382 1239

As experts in battery replacements and testing, our experienced team at Seaside Automotive know just how important it is that your car battery is working properly.

When your car battery is on its way out; you may notice your engine struggles to start, your lights not turning on, or your car may need a jump start on more than one occasion.

A dying battery causes problems for both your car and your potential safety, which is why it’s important to visit a car battery shop as soon as you notice any sign that your battery is dying. 

In general, the average car battery should last anywhere between two and five years, depending on how well it’s looked after. It’s important that you have the best car battery for your vehicle, so that you can drive away with peace of mind.

We Are Car Battery Replacement Experts

With over fifty years of experience, our team of professional mechanics at Seaside Automotive are experts in all things batteries.

As a member of the Bosch Car Service Network, we stock a massive range of Bosch batteries, so that you get the Bosch car battery promise of excellence after every installation. 

Using the highest quality and latest technology, we offer free battery checks with a professional appraisal, so that you can rest assured that your car battery is functioning properly.

If you’re in need of a new car battery, our expert team can replace the old one and get you back on the road in no time. We also offer professional advice on how to look after your car battery, so that you can save car battery costs well into the future!

Trust Us For Your Next Car Battery Service

At Seaside Automotive, we’re the car battery shop that Adelaide residents trust. 

If you’re not sure about the health of your battery and want to get it checked, our trained mechanics are here to help. 

Drive away with the best car battery Australia has to offer when you get a replacement at Seaside Automotive.

Get in touch with us today on (08) 8382 1239 or complete our online contact form.

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Seaside Automotive
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(08) 8382 1239

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